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An eclectic crew grapples with what they have and haven’t lived yet.
Focus enables speed. But remember: bumps don’t always mark the end. Rather the middle. So stay strong, persevere and make it through.
It’s seeing the light. Social is so snackable; it’s tiny moments. If you see that moment everyone else sees, put a new spin on it, that’s when things pop and go viral.


Ancient Memphis was the centre of the world. It was the axis around which the world turned. Its people collaborated, celebrated, and had their barbecues.

Main Course

Don’t give any fucks. Don’t look for affirmations from others; enjoy life, live a little in the present and don’t be so concerned about what people think about you.


I teach that change will come when time and patience are invested. I feel like a contradiction; let me move so that I can experience different and better myself.
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Countless evergreen ideas and stories.