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Everyday Advisor

Holistic counsel for life’s most pivotal moments

Everyday Advisor

Holistic counsel for life’s most pivotal moments


Everyday Advisor gives you access to the world I’ve built.

Built on a bespoke cadence of deep, strategic conversations, we dissect your life’s most pertinent challenges and opportunities, providing the tools you need to navigate pivotal moments with confidence and conviction.

Confidence is our perceived ability to do something. Conviction is our belief that we should do something.

My goal here is simple: to level you up personally and professionally.

Most ‘advisors’ are one-dimensional, hiding behind one-trick-pony formulas and promises to help you “make more money”, “be more creative”, or “save more time”.

Not my style.

Life’s a multi-dimensional game. So my counsel always takes a holistic view.

I expose you to the most profound people, frameworks, ideas and experiences I know. In concert with keeping your definition of a rich life at the centre of all the decisions you make at the individual or company level.

If that’s not what you want, stop here. But if it’s what you need, please proceed.

My business and personal ambition connect me to lots of brilliant people. I’ve built a  Rolodex where if you want to connect with someone, I almost always know them, or how to get in touch.

I started advising in 2018. I’ve since partnered with NYT bestselling authors, pre and post-exit founders, conveners, Fortune 150 C-Suite executives, $1B brands, universities, award-winning chefs, hospitality groups, artists and creators.

I’ve moonlit as a ghostwriter, interviewer, producer, creative director, general partner, head of sales, CMO, educator, convener and op-ed contributor.

I can do many different things very well, enabling me to assess situations through a multitude of lenses and perspectives. I’ve also built a formidable network of collaborators just one call away — who are keen, able and willing to help you.

You will perform better when you are with me. I create a space where you can relax, engage and trust. That’s how I unlock your inner self.

My role is a mix of Wendy Rhodes and Wags — part psychologist, performance coach, speechwriter and COO. I help you stay organised and focused on getting the right sh*t done while also being a killer extension of your brand, business and team.

I help my partners see themselves. Thus far, this has been immensely valuable for:

Professionals wanting an experienced negotiator who can help them get paid their value in contract discussions, earn substantial raises in performance reviews and land that dream job, promotion or side hustle by acing an interview.

Entrepreneurs wanting a trusted independent advisor who can help them acquire the right customers, make killer hires, train staff, land strategic partners, manage investors, and close bigger deals as they start, scale, or sell their company.

Authors wanting a thought-writing-research partner who can think on their level, read voraciously, connect disparate ideas, and articulate them succinctly in words.

– Executives wanting a storyteller who can build a personal or company brand on the internet across all mediums (e.g., physical, digital, audio, social, video, photo).

Restaurateurs wanting an operating partner who can help them fundraise, build new business lines, revenue models and turn customer bases into communities.

Conveners wanting an intellectual moderator who can help them build guestlists, lock down speakers, curate talks and topics, generate evergreen creative assets, and keep VIPs and attendees fully engaged throughout their conferences or retreats.

– Creatives wanting a business-savvy mind who can help them go to market with their art, acting as a sounding board for packaging, marketing, pricing and selling.

I’m someone who can make someone else feel like certain things are possible.

Why do I do this?

Well, I execute for a living. It’s not easy, but it’s the only thing that matters – in life, work, and love – and is the most powerful skill humans can master.

It’s a process I’ve fallen in love with. And nothing brings me greater joy than using it to help people’s talents unlock, dreams come true, and lives change forever.

I’m addicted to that feeling. And so, building a world where professionals, brands and businesses can all live to do this everyday has become my nirvana. 

In short: the world I built for myself I now want to share with you.

So please do shoot me a note if you’re interested in partnering. You won’t regret it.

Talk soon — CGM.