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Everyday Travel

A bespoke convening platform for decision-makers.

Everyday Travel

A bespoke convening platform for decision-makers.


Everyday Travel is a bespoke convening platform for decision-makers.

We plan, curate and book exceptional gatherings for executives, entrepreneurs and their teams. Whether it’s quarterly offsites, annual LP meetings, VIP customer-facing summits, or retreats with admirable industry peers, we’ve got you covered.

Just give us your preferred dates, locations (if you have them), and we’ll do the rest. 


Decision-makers are no strangers to the real potential of gatherings. At their best, they achieve in a day what would otherwise take years of travel and 1-1 meetings.

The sheer leverage on their time is incredible, sure.

Convening outside of the office also creates the neutral environment required for critical conversations to happen and needle-moving ideas to surface. Plus, it affords distributed teams a rare but necessary opportunity to work together IRL.

It’s no secret: the ability to quickly assemble anywhere globally in a fashion that drives creativity, collaboration and culture is a true competitive advantage.

However, few decision-makers can do this consistently well today.


Today, decision-makers aren’t getting all they can from their gatherings.

This is being driven by a few factors:

First, thanks to work from anywhere (WFA), there’s a new premium on physical meetings that traditional gatherings (conferences) and gatherers (planners) fail to meet. Their format and culture are stale. People want and need more from physical meets if they’re going to be excited and willing to leave the comforts of their homes. 

Second, few knew how to curate exceptional experiences in the old world. Even fewer can do so in the new world. People have left the convening space in droves. The bar’s also much higher now for physical meetings. A 1-2 punch that makes finding talent with relevant new world experience extremely hard to come by.

Third, executives are too busy to organize gatherings themselves. So they’ve resorted to delegating the convening role and responsibility to overworked staff who don’t have all the time, energy or expertise required to gather optimally.

It’s a pernicious trifecta.

The bad news: decision-makers either don’t gather or, worse, do so haphazardly.

The good news: your life no longer has to be this way. Thanks to Everyday Travel.


Gathering is a specialist activity.

Just because it can be done by anyone doesn’t mean that it should. 

Wasting your most precious resources — time, energy and talent — on something we at Everyday Travel have already mastered doesn’t make much sense.

We’ve planned, curated and hosted over 100 experiences in 25 cities since 2019.

Including 21 retreats, 30 chef’s table dinners, a litany of workouts, talks, coffee hours, live podcasts, artist nights and natural wine tastings, including one at the World BBQ Championships in Memphis (no, we’re not joking). 

From Austin to Atlanta, Chicago to Charleston, DC to Denver, LA to London, Nashville to New York, and Savanah to San Francisco, we’ve built a global network of relationships in hospitality, food, beverage, exercise and travel.

Be it Michelin-star chefs, 5* hotels, trainers or winemakers, we’ve got you covered.

In short, we know how to gather exceptionally well in the new world.


Our gatherings are a fusion of earnest work, community, culture and education.

We create a space where everybody can get keyed into each other’s projects and ultimately into a place to have honest conversations that unlock the true potential of your people and product. 

Our gatherings are where real bonding happens. Over exercise, long dinners, and spontaneous conversations in inspirational settings.

We charge your people with a unique social energy that they need to thrive remotely and or to feel more deeply connected to your brand.

Our suggested cadence — convening 1x/quarter — is designed such that as your people start to feel isolated and those feelings fray, we bring everybody back together IRL to reignite that unique sense of community and group cohesion. 


We like to say: give us your preferred dates, locations, and we’ll do the rest.

When we say, “we’ll do the rest”, we mean it. We’re talking about executing all the:

Content: curating the theme and purpose of the gathering, suggesting speakers, talks, and providing creatives to capture beautiful assets (e.g. photo, video, audio). 

Programming: we design agendas with a specific cadence and select activities that build trust and community quickly (e.g. workouts, long-slow dinners, beach walks).

Booking: we source, solicit, and negotiate contracts directly with 5* hotels, restaurants, and vendors on your behalf. We’re here to get you the best deals.

Facilitation: we identify and guide the critical but often sensitive conversations that will unlock the most profound insights among you and your people.

We’re a full-service convening operation. You pay us an annual fee based on how often you want to convene. We suggest 1x/quarter for the best results. 2x/year is the minimum effective dose (MED). Then, we get to work on bringing it all to life.

From finding a killer location to soliciting bids, building budgets, curating the perfect guests lists and nailing the cadence of your final itinerary, we work hand-in-hand with you to co-create the most exceptional gathering.

Use Case.

Who’s this for? Some ideas:

— GPs wanting to host a kickass annual meeting for LPs or bring all the founders in their portfolio together to share in the expertise and knowledge that returns capital.

— Executives wanting to bring their distributed teams together, rejuvenate, motivate and reward their people in inspirational settings around the globe.

— Entrepreneurs wanting to build deeper relationships with peers they admire but never get quality time with; sparking learnings that can only come from all the best practitioners in the space being in the same room at the same time.

— Creators wanting to get closer to their truest fans IRL, giving their audiences a chance to connect with each other while growing their own customer base and building greater emotional connectivity and gravity to their brand. 

— Chefs wanting to unlock new revenue streams among their most loyal patrons; build a deeper understanding of their top customers, maximise LTV, diversify their P&Ls, and reward their staff in ways their competitors simply cannot.


Years of isolation have yielded a demand for travel, conversation and connection.

People want to work differently than before.

Forget an office, off-site or conference; we’ve pioneered a new way for you to get deep work done, conduct business and build lasting relationships.

If you’ve dreamt of a convening partner who does it all, look no further.

Send us your preferred dates, locations, and we’ll do the rest.

You won’t have to lift a finger. All you have to do is show up.